Two New Mobile Gaming Review Sites Launch

MadaboutMediaLogoThe company that delivered Mad About Bingo and Mad About Slots, Madabout Media Ltd, has launched two brand new websites, adding to its impressive portfolio. Unfortunately it’s not a new set of mobile casinos or slot sites on offer, but rather two handy sites which give information about the already huge amount of existing mobile gaming sites. and have been created with the players needs in mind. The real appeal of these sites is the convenience factor they offer. Rather than add to the swathe of mobile casinos out there, these sites aim to give you the need-to-know info on each of these sites, in order to determine the best one for you.

Be it in terms of bonuses, mobile device compatibility or range of games on offer, avid mobile gamers can quickly and easily compare across multiple different sites, by reading the concise, comprehensive reviews. This saves the player the need to research each mobile gaming site individually, and means they won’t need to make accounts for each site just to find out what exactly is on offer.

The sleekly designed offers full site reviews which can be compare either to the features mentioned (welcome bonuses, games on offer, site functionality etc) or using their star rating system, which gives each site an overall score out of 5. There’s also a consistently updated promotions tab, which gives details of the best, the newest and the biggest promotions on offer from mobile gaming sites. offers a similar full site review service, but is more thorough in its ratings, offering overall percentages based on gameplay, compatibility, variety of slots and jackpots. In addition to this, there is also an ever-expanding list of slot reviews, giving you the lowdown on as many slot games as they can manage, detailing which ones are worth your time, and which ones aren’t.